[MY] Running Your First Payroll [Step 2 of 4]

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Utilizing HReasily's bulk import employee function will definitely help speed up the process for you! The following guide will help you through the various columns that needs to be filled in the template.

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Basic Info [Columns A - Q]

A. Full Name*
B. Employee ID
C. Nick Name
D. Email Address
[Note: An email address is required to grant employee's online access in column R]
E. Gender*
F. Date of Birth*
G. Country of Nationality*
H. IC/Kad Pengenalan/Passport*
I. Residency Status*
- Malaysian Foreigner
- Malaysian PR
- Foreigner
J. PR Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
K. Will this employee be drawing salary, fee or allowances?
- Yes
- No
L. Give this employee online access?* [Email field in column D must be filled]
- Yes
- No
M. Mobile Country Code
N. Mobile Number
O. Address 1
P. Address 2
Q. Postal Code

Employment Details [Columns R - T]

R. Designation * (Example: Marketing Executive, HR Executive, Sales Manager etc)
S. Employment Status*
- Probation
- Confirmed
- Interns
- Temp / Contract Staff
- Resigned
- Dismissed
- Consultant
T. Date Joined * (dd/mm/yyyy)

Working Hours Settings (Column AA - AV)

U. Basic Salary Type*
- Monthly
[Commonly used for executive level employees. Salary calculates based on total working days]
- Hourly
[Commonly used for blue collar employees. Salary calculates based on total working hours.]

V. Working Hours Type*
- Fixed
[Note: Fixed work hours require employees to clock-in/out within a designated time slot. Example: 9am - 6pm, Mon to Fri.]
- Dynamic
[Note: Dynamic work hours measures total number of working hours in a week]

W. Working Hours in a Day*

[Column X - AG] only applicable if Basic Salary Type is Hourly AND Working Hours Type is Dynamic

X. Start Time (HH:MM)

Y. End Time (HH:MM)
Z. Pay Rate (hourly rate)
AA - AG. Monday to Sunday
- Yes
- No

[Column AH - AN] is only applicable if Working Hours type is Fixed

AH - AN. Monday to Sunday [HH:MM]
[Note: This is the start time of business operation hours]

[Column AO - AP] is only applicable if Basic Salary Type is Monthly AND Working Hours Type is Dynamic

AO. Total Hours Per Week

AP. Total Working Days Per Week

Employee Payroll Info (Column AQ - BI)

AQ. Salary Currency*
AR. Salary Amount
[Note: If Basic Salary type is Hourly, enter the hourly rate in this field]
AS. Payment Frequency*
- Salary paid once a month
AT. Payment Mode*
- Interbank GIRO
- Cheque
- Cash
AU. Bank
AV. Account Number
[Column AW - BA] EPF Contribution Settings
AW. Does this employee contribute to EPF?
- Yes
- No
AX. EPF Reference Number *
AY. EPF Voluntary Contribution Type
- None
- Percentage
- Fixed Amount
[NOTE: By default, HReasily calculates the EPF contributions as per the table below.]

AZ. Employee EPF Voluntary
BA. Employer EPF Voluntary

[Column BB - BD] Socso Settings
BB. Socso Type
- None
- Bencana pekerjaan dan Ilat
[Applicable for employees below the age of 60]
- Bencana pekerjaan sahaja
Applicable for employees aged 60 and above. Learn More]
BC. Socso Reference Number (Employee's IC number)
BD. Does this employee contribute to EIS?
- Yes
- No
[Compulsory for all employees between the age of 18 - 60*. Learn More]

[Column BE - BI] Employee Tax Details
BE. Does this employee pay tax?
- Yes
- No
[If YES, MTD/PCB will be calculated for employees once they hit the required threshold]
BF. Tax Reference Number
[If previously employed, The Tax Reference Number / PCB Number can be found on the second page of Form CP 39. For first time employment, kindly register here]

Still unsure? LHDN will be able to advise you of this number, you can contact them via the following phone number: 1800 - 88 - 5436.

BG. Disabled Person
- Yes
- No
[If YES, the individual will be accounted for an additional personal relief of RM6,000]

BH. Marital Status
- Single
- Single with children
- Divorce or widowed
- Married and spouse is working
- Married and spouse is NOT working
- Married and spouse is working and disabled
- Married and spouse is NOT working and disabled
BI. Total Children

[Column BJ - ER] Additional Tax Details

If an employee was previously employed in the same financial year, his/her prior tax submissions can be updated here to ensure an accurate tax calculations and EA form at the end of the Tax Year.

  • Tax Details: Employee MTD and Income Info (in MYR)

  • Tax Details: Employee Deduction Info (in MYR)

  • Tax Details: Employee BIK (Benefit in Kinds) Info (in MYR)

  • Tax Details: Employee Perquisite Info (in MYR)

ES. Payslip Email Notification
- Yes
- No
ET. Receive Passworded Payslip
- Yes
- No
EU. Payslip Password
[Default password is employee's IC / Passport No]

Importing Bulk Employee List

Now that you've got your template all filled up, it's time to import it into HReasily.

Step 1: Go to Staff Directory


Step 3: Select Add Employees

Step 4: In the table, simply copy all rows from the template sheet and paste them in the table provided.

Now that you've successfully imported all your employees, we can go ahead and indicate how you'll be paying your employees by updating your company payroll info.


If you'd like to edit individual employees, you may refer back to this guide.

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