Enabling Facial Recognition Time-In/Out via Mobile or Kiosk

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Depending on your business operations, there are 2 ways of implementing HReasily's facial recognition time-in function:

1. Time In / Time Out using Staff's Own Device


Employee(s) will be able to time-in and out directly via their personal mobile devices. This is ideal for field staff whom are often out and about during working hours.


  • Every employee must possess an Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0 device with GPS, WIFI, Cellular Data.

  • Every employee must download the HReasily App on their personal device.

  • Online access must be granted to all employee.

2. Time In / Time Out using Company's Main Device (Kiosk)


All employee will use a centralized device to time-in/out. Employees will not be required to log in and out of their personal accounts to time-in/out. This setup is ideal for factory, warehouse and desk-bound employees. The device will be located at company's office and it will not follow the radius set in the location.


  • An iOS Device [iOS 10.0 or above] to be used as the centralized kiosk.
    [Note: Kiosk function is only supported on iOS devices]

1. Setting Up Own Devices

The setup can be applied for all employee (company wide) or selected employees. For example: Desk-bound employees may be required to time-in via kiosk while sales staff may have the option to time-in via their personal device.

1A. For company wide settings:

1. Go to Manage Company

2. Navigate to Time Attendance Info

3. Scroll down to Time In/Out Device Setting and click Edit.

[Note: If Time In/Out Device Setting is not available, kindly reach out to our support team via the live chat to have it activated.]

4. In the pop-up window, tick the preferred setting and click SAVE.

1B. For individual employee settings:

1. Go to Staff Directory

2. Navigate to the employee's time attendance info and click GO

3. Scroll down to Time In/Out Device Setting and click Edit.

4. In the pop-up window, tick the preferred setting and click SAVE.

2. Setting Up Kiosk

1. Create an employee profile and label it as Time Attendance Admin

2. The profile MUST BE granted the following access:

  • Online access with face recognition and manage time attendance permission enabled.

  • Permission to time-in/out via Company's Main Device.

3. Once setup, go ahead and login to the HReasily Mobile app with the created Time Attendance Profile and select Kiosk Timing.

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